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LaserWorks 3D Scanning , Inc.      Office: 702.633.4413
Five reasons to choose LaserWorks3D for your Project:

1.Highly Detailed Surveying Technique

Using a laser scanner we can capture detail with resolution as high as 3mm.

2. Accurate and Precise Survey

Our measured surveys are controlled and processed by an experienced Licensed Land Surveyor ensuring accuracy is maintained at all times.

3. Fast Survey Delivery

The point clouds can be viewed immediately after the survey, processed and scale images created of the building and created ahead of the CAD plan issue.

4. Remote Surveying

Laser scanning surveying technology requires minimum contact with the objects being surveyed. This improves safety for the surveyor and public and minimises distruption to workers on site.

5. Competitive Quotations

Competitive prices tailored to you site and 3D laser scanning requirements.
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