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Due to the density of measurements over a given area, the 3D laser scanner can survey building features in incredible detail.

Plans will include accurate measurements of intricate building features that were notoriously hard to survey using traditional equipment. For example; cornice and architrave details, transom and soffits or perhaps the decorated interlocking tracery of a churches window.

The 3D laser scanner can capture a lot of data very quickly. The brief period of on-site activity means there is less disruption for property owners, businesses and tenants. 

There is also a reduced need for traffic management particularly useful for highway surveying.

Often we can survey without the inconvenience of requiring special access equipment.

A laser scan survey will collect data from the area surrounding a building as a beneficial by product. Used carefully, this can provide helpful contextual information about the site. For example; neighbouring building heights and window positions, tree height and proximity.

During the life of a building project, designs frequently change. This may require supplementary information from the surveyor. Due to the completeness of the laser scan survey, additional details or plans can usually be generated without the cost of a repeated site visit.

The Advantages over Conventional Surveying
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